Existing Court Evaluations, Maintenance, Repair, and Reconstruction Services

If you are like most tennis court owners, you probably have numerous questions regarding the many options available for maintaining, repairing, or reconstructing your existing court surface.

Fred Kolkmann Tennis and Sports Surfaces, LLC provides unique Tennis Court Evaluation and Maintenance Program services (TCEMP) to answer your questions and help you protect and increase the service life of your court.  

TCEMPs collect data and provide accurate analysis of current court playing conditions, facilitating the development of objective, cost-effect maintenance and repair solutions and annualized maintenance/reconstruction budgets, with the goals of eliminating safety hazards, improving current playing characteristics, increasing maintenance management efficiency, reducing future resurfacing and reconstruction costs (by employing proven, lower-cost, preventive maintenance practices before court rehabilitation measures are required), and extending the long-term service performance of your tennis court.  

The TCEMP process starts with visual examination and field measurement, including, as needed, the collection of topography and geotechnical information.  Data is collected to establish the condition and performance of the color coating, court surface, court planarity, slope, and drainage, and control joints.  Structural cracks are identified and measured.

The condition of nets, net posts, net post footings, and court fencing elements are documented.  For public tennis courts, court access (slope) and gates are checked to ensure they meet Americans with Disabilities Act standards for accessible design.  Landscaping within ten feet of the court surface is evaluated to determine its performance in regards to assuring court surface integrity. 

For courts with lights, a comprehensive analysis of the existing lighting system is undertaken, comparing site investigation results with ASBA lighting standards.

Field notes and data are analyzed and cost estimates developed for any improvement strategies proposed.  A final report is developed, combining user-friendly reports with reliable recommendations, consisting of CAD drawings, digital photographs, and Microsoft Word/Excel documents.  The report includes:

  • A discussion of terminology, issues and areas needing immediate attention, unit pricing, and the athletic asset value of the court
  • Court evaluation sheets and digital photo documentation
  • A spreadsheet showing a ten-year budget, designating when maintenance should be performed, the type of maintenance needed, and annual budget allocations
  • A color-coded CAD drawing showing maintenance required on a year-by-year basis, and locations of photographs included with the report
  • A CD or flash drive containing all the data from the final report.

TCEMPs are ideal for unbiased tennis court evaluation; for indentifying preventative maintenance practices, repair solutions, and capital improvement needs; and for long-range planning and budgeting.

Use this link to view a sample TCEMP.

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To learn more about how a TCEMP plays a key role in helping you to keep your tennis court(s) in playable condition, download our Special Report.

Tennis Court Design, Construction, and Consulting Fees

Design and construction responsibilities and services requested determine fees charged for specific projects.  Fee structures are variable and can be established on a percentage, hourly, per diem, or fixed-fee basis, with a not-to-exceed-fee guarantee, if requested by the customer.  Food, travel, and lodging expenses are charged at cost, when travel is required and authorized by the customer.  Contact us for more specific fee information.


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